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Ministry History

Childhood Dream, 1970

When Dr Femi Olowo was a fledgling little boy of nine years old in 1970, he had a dream that he was running a school called Miles School. He shared this dream with his siblings over several warm evenings as they told each other stories on the balcony at home in Lagos, Nigeria. This was in the years before watching TV became the regular family evening pastime.

The school in the dream was set around a square courtyard. This dream was amazingly fulfilled 23 years later as he beheld the campus venue where South London Christian College (now in its second year) had classes in 1993. Henry Thornton School & Adult Education Centre in Elms Road, Clapham was a quadrangle of buildings set around a square courtyard. And he remembered his dream!

Calling Confirmed, March 1982

While studying Law at University of London, the Lord distinctly spoke to Dr Femi and said, “I do not want you to study man’s laws; I want you to study My laws and teach them”. It was on this day in March 1982 that he knew God had unequivocally called him into the ministry.

Two weeks later, at a small house fellowship in Harlesden, Evangelist George Williams prophesied over him, and confirmed that divine call. Most of the prophetic words were from Paul’s letters to Timothy about the mandate to teach sound doctrine from the Word of God to the people of God.

Victory Church, Finchley Road,

Hampstead, London (1986)

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Dr Femi and Anna, Victory Church, 1986

Having served faithfully in Victory Church (1983-1987) and House of Prayer International Church (1987-1990), in November 1990, God told Dr Femi: “I want you to start a Bible School in South London”. This was in spite of his church commitments all being in north London at the time.

College Established, September 1991

Following the clear call of God and the divine instruction to start a Bibe School, South London Christian College (SLCC) was established in Clapham in September 1991. Dr Frank Ofosu Appiah (now, All Nations Church, Atlanta, USA) was instrumental in the commencement of the college.

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Starting with just 10 part-time students, the college grew to a peak of some 350 full-time international students in 2003, many of whom were pastors and church leaders. In fact, the highest proportion of students at one time were from South Korea, rather than any African nation.

Branches of SLCC were eventually established in Luton and New Malden. Highlights for students included going on missions trips to Germany, The Gambia, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Pakistan and India, as well as inspirational and educational tours to Israel, the Holy Land.

Undergraduate and postgraduate diploma and degree programmes were offered in Christian Counselling, Christian Music and Worship, Christian Ministry and Theology. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and religious traditions, some 1,000 students trained and graduated from the college from inception in 1991 until 21 years later in 2012.

Church Started, March 1992

On the way back from a family vacation in Malaysia in March 1992, Dr Femi asked God some pertinent questions about ministry, and immediately received negotiated instructions to start a church in London. He was to write letters to 12 Christians he knew to come and help him start the ministry. Five of them responded in the affirmative, and Jubilee International Church started on 12 April 1992 in Clapham, London, with this core foundation. One of these pioneers (Bro Fred) stayed with the church for 23 years right through till 2015 when the church was handed over to the Assemblies of God.

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Jubilee International Church, 2005

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Jubilee International Church, 2006

Jubilee International Church moved from Clapham to Grove Park, London, in July 2006. Despite vehement opposition from local residents and two arson attacks on the church building (published in the local press), the congregation forged ahead in the new location. Over the years, Dr Femi was instrumental in planting and overseeing several branches of the church in the UK as well as in parts of Asia and Africa.

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Jubilee International Church, 2012

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Dr Femi Olowo preaches the Word, 2012

Current Training, April 2013 onwards

SLCC closed her doors in 2012 due to a number of unforeseen reasons which led to a bleak and dismal period of life and ministry for Dr Femi. However, with encouragement from his wife Anna, he re-started the training ministry under the auspices of Global Christian Institute (GCI) on a part time basis.


GCI was established in April 2013 through the medium of a one-day training seminar in Greenwich. This launch event had the support and involvement of a number of ministers especially Pastor Yemi Balogun of Revelation TV.


Within a short space of time, there were GCI training centres in various parts of the UK and beyond, such as around London, in Plymouth and as far as Dublin, Ireland. Following COVID-19, the primary training offered by GCI is now a virtual Bible School that takes place on the first Saturday of each month via Zoom.


Details are available on request.

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